Nine years ago we were watching General Conference (a semi-annual church meeting we can watch from home) counting contractions, waiting with baited breath for the grand arrival of our fourth little girl coming our way.

A few hours later she arrived, the sweetest little bundle with eleven toes and two “angel kisses” (birthmarks) and the most calm little spirit you could ever imagine.

Little did we know back then how much this girl would bring into our lives. So incredibly grateful for how she has changed us all for the better and for how much we all adore her…despite the fact that that initial “calm” spirit burst out with some serious personality over the years:


So grateful for her feistiness that has helped her get places in life so far!

Soooo many things I love about her but here are NINE to celebrate her NINE years.

1)  She has personality.  She’s not afraid to say what she thinks or to celebrate the things she loves.  I love how she feels comes right out in her face, no holding back:)

2)  I love her eyes.  I love how they help her express things that she doesn’t even say.  I love that they have given us so much to be grateful for those beautiful pools of blue can see so much right now.

3)  I love how she devours words.  LOVE that she seems to always be holding a book.

4)  I love how hard she works in school.  She was so worried about multiplication this year and instead of just shrinking back because it’s hard, she has worked hard on it and is doing really well.

5)  I love how particular she is.  Sure, sometimes it’s frustrating when she has to have everything just so, but there’s so much I adore, like how she has to say good night at bedtime.  It has to be in a certain order:  hugs and kisses, turn all the lights off, close the door, yell “I love you” in Chinese, taking turns saying each word, then say “Goodnight Lucy!” in a really slow, energetic way.

6)  I love her air hugs she gives me when she leaves for the bus.

7)  I love how social she is.  I love the friends she has picked who are so incredibly sweet to her…and she is equally darling to them.  I love the make-believe worlds they make up and to hear them talking when playing with Legos.  Lucy’s friends are golden.

8)  I love her art (as evidenced by the multitude of posts on this blog about it…sorry!)  I love how it is filled with love and vibrant colors and that it helps me see how she sees the world.

9)  I especially love that that last picture because it depicts her relationship with her Savior.  It’s a friendly one.  I love to hear her prayers and thoughts about the gospel and to watch her faith grow.

Two posts with my favorite pictures and thoughts about Lucy are HERE and HERE.

Oh boy I love that girl of mine.  Often I marvel at how Heavenly Father knew we needed her.

Love you forever Lucy Lu!

Thanks for all you teach me and for putting up with all of our continual hugs and kisses.  We all adore you forever!

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  1. I love this! My baby is also nine and was born on Conference Sunday in April of that year. 🙂 He was born at home as we watched General Conference on the TV in the bedroom. I missed a few parts…

    We have so much in common with our families & I love the way you parent your kids.

    Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

  2. Oh, Happy Birthday Lucy! I have grown to love that girl of yours through your posts.
    What joy she brings to all of us in the blogging world. She is a ray of sunshine. Happy, Happy Birthday! 🙂 L.A. in WA

  3. Happy 9th Birthday to Lucy from the UK.:)

    I hope she's having a brill day.

    Also, you'll have to let us know if she got the pressie that she mentioned in her note to you a few weeks ago.:)

  4. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Your art is a huge blessing to so many, including me. I especially love the picture you created that was posted today. Great drawing, great colors, Jesus and a rainbow! It is perfect! Thank you for sharing, Lucy. I hope you had a wonderful day!

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