I’m going back to pre-corona for a minute here, because gosh, there’s still a whole lot to document from “B.C.”

And right up there on that list is pickleball. Ha!

But really, Dave is so in love with this game. Such a good outlet for him. Such good friends to talk through the world with on the court.

They’ve been playing for lots of years, but just recently they started into pickleball tournaments.

The first one was FREEZING, and my friend and I were shivering with teeth chattering on the sidelines but so fun to watch and be a part of.

Gosh, there are some GOOD players out there!

Dave and his partner did pretty great for their first rodeo I have to say:

And their two friends won the whole shebang.

A couple days later was another tournament…this time a LOT warmer. Different partner this time around and they did great once again.

I know this means we’re getting old, or does it? Maybe it’s the new “young guy” sport. Ha! But whatever it is, I’m so glad Dave has it. And that he has these guys to do it with.

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  1. Pickle ball has taken over the world! At our condo in St. George we wake up every morning hearing that ball pinging around on the new courts just below our windows. So glad David loves it. Since he’s good at everything, just add this to the list1. 🙂

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