Right along with Dave and Abby, Bo Jangles had a birthday too. (Clear back in November, but hey, these pictures cracked me up so they deserve to be on the blog).

We love this furry girl of ours.

She went ahead and turned seven years old.

How is it possible we’ve had her that long??

Thankfully Elle remembered the day so that we could celebrate. And Bo was thrilled about that, as you can tell…

Ha! Poor girl.

Someone save me!

But she sure loved the birthday walk we took her on.

And she was pretty hyped up when she tasted the cornbread left over from dinner we gave her for her cake. (Not so hyped up before she tasted it though apparently…)

Still after all these years we sometimes stop and muse that we have a furry animal roaming around the house.

But we sure are grateful for this little dog of ours.

She may take the cake on the quality of her “Welcoming Response” every time we walk in the door.

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  1. Shawni,
    What does Miss Murphy think of Bo Jangles? Is she at the stage yet where she wants to crawl after her and try and kiss her? It’s always so funny to watch little ones with the family pet that I had to ask.
    My daughter loved our dog so much that her very first words were “woof woof” Not “mama”
    mind you, but “woof woof!”

    1. I love this story about your baby daughter’s first words being woof, woof hahahahahahah, thanks for sharing!

      1. Thanks Catharina, I’m glad you enjoyed it!! What was even funnier is when she started hanging her tongue out of her mouth after saying “woof woof” We decided we should probably pick up the dogs water bowl from the floor around that time! LOL!!

  2. Happy birthday to princess Bo Jangles!!! I love how pets allow us to bring out our silly and cheerful side. It’s so necessary sometimes 🙂

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