As I was leaving my cello lesson a few weeks ago I asked my teacher for advice about buying/renting cellos.

You see, my friend’s daughter I have been borrowing my cello from is returning home from her mission soon, and I wanted to get a jump on how I was going to continue with my scratchy cello playing:)

She gave me some recommendations (find a good one to buy, renting is much more expensive for the long-haul, etc.)

And you know how some things just happen to kind of fall into your lap?

Well, honestly within 30 minutes from the time I left my lesson a friend posted on Instagram that she and her daughter were selling a cello.

And within an hour of that, I had that cello at home, trying it out for size;)

Oh there was a lot of work that went in after that.

I played both cellos back and forth, back and forth.

I brought it to a specialty violin store my teacher recommended to give me advice, and brought it to my teacher too.

I did loads of research.

I brought it to a girl who lives close-by who is an amazing cellist.

And it was that “touch of a master’s hand” business, because she made that thing SING I tell you!

(She is Lucy’s age, for crying out loud!…she is incredible!)

As she played I had my final fall-in-love with that instrument.

Maybe some day I’ll get it to sing a tiny percentage as well as my friend Charlotte did.

But even now, when my notes are scratchy and my arms and fingers are aching (I still can’t get my bow hold right), I already adore that thing.

Claire and I tried to make some beautiful music together with the piano to welcome it to the family. This is a picture from the video because I don’t think you want to hear the video:


But I’m so excited. And so grateful the stars aligned just so.

Now I think it needs a name…

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  1. So glad you posted this! I’m a recent empty-nester. Yesterday I was praying through some things – what should I be doing with my life, my time, etc. Something I’ve had the urger to do is learn to play an instrument (guitar or piano). I just felt too old. I’m almost 3 years older than you – and I really don’t feel old, just maybe too old to learn something new like this. I might just have to go for it!

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