…we LOVED having our kitchen ones plastered with people we love through the Christmas season. Yes, it was worth all the Christmas card chaos to get to see so many faces we love for a month. This was one wall:
and this was the other:
After much deliberation from the judging committee (Dave and the kids) this one came out on top for our little winner for the year:

There were a bunch of great ones, but can you blame them for choosing this one? It’s pretty good.

We were so sad to take all our friends down…but each year we cut them down a little in size and keep them in photo books so we can see them again (along with the previous years) next year around Christmas.

After we took them down it felt like we just moved into a new house our walls were so darn bare…

so luckily it was time for our valentines love notes to go up:
For FHE like a month before Valentine’s Day we all write love notes to each other on these hearts and “heart attack” our kitchen and family room. (I can take zero credit for this idea since I totally stole it from Nicole…thanks Nicole!) I love to see what the kids come up with and they love it too. My favorite are Dave’s to me though (although no pictures of those ones…a little too mushy…ha ha). kindly ignore how weird and yellow our cabinets look in this picture…There’s just nothing like getting (and giving) a good love note.

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  1. Hey Shawni! I just saw your comment on our blog. I wasn’t trying to ignore you or anything 🙂 My email is.. chelseacarver@gmail.com

    I LOVE this heart attack idea! I also love your black and white photos going up the stairs… where did you get the frames? You are so creative! Hope all is well, we cant wait to see you guys again. Hugs-Chel

  2. I feel the same way taking down our cards. I have seen that fun card that your kids picked as their favorite and for the life of me can’t remember where. That was such a cute idea. I still haven’t even posted Christmas on my blog yet. HA! Perhaps this month. The hearts are darling!

  3. As I took our cards down this year to add to the “pile” we’ve accumulated through the years, I’m wondering how many of those babies you’re going to have in twenty years! You’re going to have to have a storage room just for the pictures! SO fun to see though!

  4. I LOVE the Christmas cards on the cupboards! My Dad does the same thing, except he puts them in the Christmas tree, as ornaments. It is always so fun to see pictures of friends and family. We even had your family’s up there too throughout the years. I love the heart attack idea. So fun!

  5. Dang it, you are the cutest mom ever. And I really like your hair, would kill for it actually, so all pain is relative I guess. We made turkey feathers at Thanksgiving with a similar spin but we really need to add the heart attack to our traditions.

  6. You are so cute! I love this idea and when my kid(s) are older I am going to do this idea! You are such a good mom! I want to be just like you : )
    I hope all is going well! We miss you!
    Love Nat

  7. I just reread through some of your blog… I LOVE the travel map! I will have too once I have my own place 🙂
    Can you tell us some more off all the travels you and/ or Dave have done? You have been quite all of Europe- that is great 🙂
    What is a dream destination that you were not able to hit yet? Are you planing on doing another service trip with Grace, Claire and Lucy someday?
    I love that you travel with your family. It is a huge passion of mine and I hope you keep it up once I have a family.

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