At some point I really am going to get around to posting D.C. pictures.

But I just can’t seem to justify sitting in front of my computer for hours on end when my kids are home (I took way too many pictures). Next week I’ll get to D.C.

I figure I better at least post the pictures from Max’s birthday party before Grace’s comes up in a couple days.

Two of my favorite moments of summer so far occurred when Max got home from scout camp after being gone for his birthday. I went to pick him up when his ride arrived in town and Grace and Claire begged to come with me to get him. When we got there the poor boy was dog-tired, his whole body was achy, and his lips were swollen up like balloons from being sunburned and chapped. Although he had an awesome time at camp, he was ready to curl into a ball and go to sleep. He climbed in the front seat with me but Claire and Grace begged him to come sit by them in the back. Through his tired-ness he gave a sheepish grin and climbed back with them (totally pleased that they cared but not wanting to show it too much…moms know those things). I know that sounds like a little thing, but those three smiles spread across that back seat to be together reunited after a week apart swelled up my heart.

Then I can’t forget the moment when Lucy saw him. She had been talking about his birthday all week long, and when he finally walked in the door her face lit up in pure glee proclaiming that it was his birthday (like he never knew it). And that slow, proud, loving smile spread across his face again. I can’t quite describe how sweet those kinds of moments are to me. It’s like time stops and all is right in the world. I love to see kids love each other.

Especially when it’s this tough-guy:

The girls and I had his room all decked out ready for his return:
And then it was on to his first girl/boy party (NOT a birthday party, just a party because that’s what he wanted):
…which he was quite excited about.

Call me crazy but I’m the one who suggested this scenario.

You see, I wanted to see who he seems to always be texting. And I was pleasantly surprised…they sure are a good group of kids (although it was like pulling teeth to get them to stand together for that picture above).

They did a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, ate dinner, frosted their own cupcakes, listened to loud music, and swam.(Check out the backs of some of the kids above to see that the frosting got a little out of control at one point.)

The boys / girls were only a tiny bit awkward together, which I was happy about. I worry that texting is taking the place of normal conversations, and I was pleased as punch to see that teenagers really do talk to each other…and that I really like teenagers.

The boys couldn’t help shooting a few hoops:

And we couldn’t forget our traditional b-day pictures after all the commotion died down:
We are so thankful for this boy.

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  1. Shawni, you don't know me, but I stalk your blog and feel like I know you and your sweet family. I love the stories you tell about Max. These last two made me tear up. My oldest is a boy and I hope he loves me and his younger siblings when he's a teenager as much as Max does. Also, I've stolen your kissing b-day picture tradition. Too cute!

  2. He is such a wonderful boy!~ you are so very blessed! I love how he loves and takes care of his sisters! I love the bday kissing tradition too! too bad mine are 8 and 10 or I would steal it! what's weird is we did that exact same pose a couple of times with each of our girls, but never thought to do it every year! I LOVE IT!

  3. awwww makes me actually think having 4 teenagers in the house won't be all bad!

    I love how the girls are all covered up with their towels and the guys are happy to hang out in their boardies!

    looks like a great party!

  4. So cute! Glad they are still awkward 😉 Max is the only one of your kids I've actually met, though I could pick'em all out of a crowd thanks to your wonderful blog! glad you're having a great Summer!! We'll be in UT through 7/20 if you're up there…

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