I’ve been thinking about this a lot…another beautiful quote from Richard Rohr.

I wish I could remember which meditation it was part of so I could refer you to the whole thought, but I wanted to share at least this.

I love the thought of “receiving.”

It is a gift to learn to become a “receiver.”

It means we are looking to open our hearts and receive the goodness being given.

Reminds me of this painting of Jesus I have talked with my kids a lot about over the years:

He is there, knocking.

But as you’ll notice, there’s no doorknob.

We need to consciously open and receive Him.

Just like anything else in life, if we want the Spirit to become a living Presence within us, we must learn to recognize and seek it.

And be still enough to let it in.

I am on the constant search to be aware enough to notice and let in that Light that is available to all.


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