Dave and I watched “Puss in Boots” with Lu over the three-day weekend. (It was a cute movie.) As Puss was grappling with how to handle only having one life left (of his cat-nine-lives:), I was caught with the idea of making the very most of this one “wild and precious” life I get. (quote from Mary Oliver)

I love this painting by @richshortenart:

It’s called “Wondrous Responsibility.”

All that hoopla of that Baby’s birth fading away, and down to the nitty-gritty details of actually raising a child.

Can you imagine that “wondrous responsibility” wrapped around you?

As we enter a new year (well, I know we’re already on the twentieth day…not sure how that happened so fast!), but I still feel a tinge of this “wondrous responsibility.”

What will I do with this precious gift of 2023? Sometimes I forget to take a moment to appreciate that: TIME.

Time to change.

Or to stay.

Time we can use to learn to love more, or to do more.

Or sometimes to use to intentionally do less.

The gift?

WE get to figure that out!

Because we have time stretching in front of us for who knows how long.

But we may as well make the most of what we have.

It IS precious.

And only we can figure out what our own unique “wondrous responsibility” is to do with that gift.

Dave and I were talking the other day about how sometimes joy comes more in the process of striving to achieve a goal, not necessarily all when you “arrive.”

Do you agree with this?

I’m still in the process of making up new goals and plans for 2023 because mostly this year so far I’ve felt like I’m under a giant weight of so many worries and responsibilities.

art by Caitlin Connolly

But again, I am the one who gets to decide what to do with that weight.

I can turn transform it into that “wondrous responsibility,” and that is a pretty beautiful thing!

I have some big plans to change some things around, starting with this blog format.

More to come on that soon.

For now, sending out so much love to blog readers as you work to figure out your own “wondrous responsibility” of this new year. How are you going to use your “wild and precious life?”


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  1. Such a great thing to think about. There are so many things I want to accomplish this year but maybe not the resources to do things and that’s where i struggle. Life over the past 3 years were hard and took a lot of joy out of me. I am claiming that back but the older my kids get the more worries I have

    1. I’m so sorry about the last three years, Heidi. Sending you so much love and hope that the coming years will fill up with more light and goodness. I love that you are claiming it back. Bigger kids do often equal bigger problems, I hear you. Sending you courage and grace and strength as you navigate this part of life!

  2. Whooohooo!!!
    Happy birthday Claire for tomorrow. 19, I can’t believe it. Such a stunning girl you are.
    Sending lots of love

  3. I had some super big and very special plans and goals for my spiritual journey that I started when I decided I wanted to explore the Mormon religion. But now I’m just sort of lost. Last week my beloved brother-in-law dropped dead of cardiac arrest, which as I have learned, is not the same thing as a heart attack. There was no reason. He wasn’t sick or anything. He was only 65. It came out of nowhere. My sister is devastated and I doubt will ever be the same. I always ran to the two of them for comfort and advice, and now it’s all gone. Why would God let this happen when there are so many bad awful people that he could’ve taken instead? Nothing good can come from this so what is the point of hurting my sister by letting her husband die? I just don’t understand. So I’m thinking I’m probably not worthy of all the things I wanted to explore and learn about for my journey, because of my feelings of bitterness toward God right now. And I know that’s a terrible way to feel and a terrible thing to say.

    1. My favorite line from one of our hymns about Jesus is “He lives to hear my soul’s complaint”.
      I have complained to God and to Jesus so much over the years. Gods love for us isn’t fragile and I believe He is grateful we are willing to engage with Him even if it’s in pain and frustration. There are so many things that don’t have answers and I’m so sorry for your immense loss 💛 I do believe God wants all the understanding you desire for yourself for you as well and I believe Jesus understands your feelings perfectly and mercifully.
      And I can tell you that things in my life that seem like nothing good could ever possibly come out of have been made holy through Jesus Christ and that I believe that He, in the end, will make all things right.

      1. Thank you for your words Stephanie. I surely do appreciate the care you showed me by giving me some guidance during this mess of feelings I’m experiencing. It’s really helpful to me.

      2. Dear Laura, I’m so sorry about your brother-in-law. So many unfair things about life! When we are thrown off course by trials and nothing makes sense, I believe it’s important to be patient with aaallll the feelings that bombard us. Grief is such a buggar but has important lessons to teach. I’m praying for you that you’ll be comforted and hold onto hope. That you’ll notice God in the details of your wild and precious life. Love, Bree

    2. Oh Laura I’m so sorry for your loss. I love the love that has already been shared and would like to join my own. Sending so much love your way. Sometimes it’s so difficult to understand why bad things happen to such good people. I’m so sorry you feel alone and pray that you can gradually find comfort and more peace in your journey. My Lucy has taught me a great deal about grieving lately. Of course, her sorrows are much different from what you are going through, but she is trying so hard to learn from them. It is a continual process. I wrote a little about her thoughts over here: https://71toes.com/2022/12/real-questions-for-real-life/
      Some of the comments in that post are so very helpful and healing and thoughtful. I hope you can find some comfort in them as well.

      Also, many have told me to watch the second episode of the third season of The Chosen so we did, and near the end there is a part I think you would love. I would highly recommend it.

      I am sending lots of love and prayers to you as well as to your sister as you both grapple with this loss. I hope you will be able to somehow find beauty for ashes, and light in the darkness.

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