One part of Christmas I love the most is the opportunity to gather and connect with those I love. So I’ve been trying to figure out some fun Christmas family games that will get everyone involved for our gatherings coming up over the next couple weeks. And wouldn’t you know it, we have a few games up our sleeves that seem be crowd pleasers.

So I wanted to be sure to share.

Christmas Family Game Ideas

Last year Grace and Claire came up with some pretty awesome “Minute-to-Win-it” games for our New Years gathering.

a fun Christmas family game to get everyone involved

I’m referring back to that post because those games would be so fun for any holiday gathering.

All these games for a crowd are sure to delight as well.

games to get everyone in the family involved

This one below is always our personal favorite: “One and Done.” This is just a picture of the losers “consequence” at the end of this particular game, but it’s fun because every time we play it the loser has a different consequence.

(All the instructions are at the end of that post.)

The candy bar game is so simple and always a winner (I need to take a picture of that one this year!)

This year we are going to try the saran-wrap gift ball idea.

I’ll have to come back and report on that one.

Family board game ideas

We are obviously huge family game fans around here, so we wrote up a list of our favorite family games:

Hope you find some that work great for your family this holiday season!

If you do, I’d LOVE to have you come back and report.

I’d also love any other good family games recommendations from readers out there. Come share the wealth as we get ready for all the family connection this season!

Sending out all our love.

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