Is it just me because I’m her mom and I love her so much it hurts my heart, or does this girl’s smile send out ten thousand gigawats (or whatever the professor says in “Back to the Future”)?? Seriously, can you tell she’s excited about this first grade music performance? Her sparkle made the show as far as I’m concerned. Boy oh boy, she was so darn excited about this she could hardly contain herself despite the fact that she wasn’t picked for a speaking part and was kind of standing behind a cowboy hat.My girls are suckers for flowers and drool over them when they see other kids getting them after performances (dance, piano recitals, you name it…I’m always the mom who seems to forget the flowers). So Max and I were at the grocery store right before the performance and I let him pick out some flowers for Grace. We gave them to her right before we left for the school. She was delighted, but let us know that she would have actually preferred them to be red, and that it would have been nice to be bequeathed with them after her performance. Hmmm. I guess we’ll remember those instructions next time I happen to be on the ball and remember.Grace is the proud new owner of a “Giant African Millipede.” Yep, we’ve doubled the number of pets in our house and we are delighted about it. (Yes, that is sarcasm you sense.) I don’t know why I’m such a pushover, but following the first grade unit studying “organisms” some of the kids were allowed to bring home some of the “specimens” that had been studied. And yes, we were the lucky ones who got the millipede (only after being begged for four days straight by our darling daughter). We’ll see how quickly this one gets lost to roam the house in peace along with Lilly the hamster who continues to amaze us with her escape techniques. Maybe the millipede will provide a nutritious meal for Lilly next time she’s out on one of her night-time adventures.

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  1. For sure her smile made the show. That’s the one thing I notice in ALL her pictures. She’s smiling! Not just her mouth but her whole face. Every last centimeter is all lit up.

  2. How you could not put that bright happy face on the front row boggles my mind. She just glows!

    I LOVE that you gave her flowers (taking notes here!) and that she gave you pointers for the future. Seems this beauty has great things in store!

    Good luck with the millipede. What a lucky draw (sarcams here too). Thankfully my kids haven’t been offered any more additions lately, because I don’t think I could say no either (at least to the small, non-furry variety). And I’m still laughing about it being a possible late night snack. Stranger things have happened!

  3. I’m not sure how well I would sleep with a an african millipede in the house! But then, I’d just have to think of that smile and I’m sure I’d settle right down and be happy!

  4. She has the best smile. What a cute performance ..with costumes and everything. I was laughing about the flowers…I have missed the boat a few times on that one too.
    If you get tired of having a millipede, I bet our 3 birds would have a nice lunch of it.

  5. she really does have an amazing smile. it’s the first thing i always notice about her. she’s a beauty for sure.

    good luck with your new pet. sounds nasty to me. hahahah!

  6. A millipede loose in the house doesn’t sound too fun to me….I hope it doesn’t get loose. Your a very nice mom!
    She does have the greatest smile and makes a very cute cowgirl!

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  8. That program was pretty darn cute! I love that first grade age. We still have not found our millipede that is on the loose. Hopefully it worked its way straight outside. Gracie always so smiley and cute!! She is like a big ray of sunshine.

  9. Ahhh she is adorable! I love seeing pictures of your kids. They all have such sweet contagious smiles. How can I order one of her for my family?

  10. She is darling and has a contagious smile for sure.

    Cracking up when you said the millipede could be a nutritious meal for Lilly. LOL Good luck with that one. We got two gerbils from Josh and I am worried about our dog getting to them. We are taking extra precautions to make sure that DOESN’T happen! 🙂

  11. She has a beautiful smile. It was so fun to run into you at Costco, and to even know that it was you. You children are beautiful and you were as sweet as can be. I will check back again soon.

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