Graduation came and went. Phew! I have so much to say about that (of course, as always), but for now let’s just talk about Coldplay:)

In between moving Grace up to Provo and our nephew’s wedding Dave and I got to sneak away one night with these friends to go to the Coldplay concert.

I know. Lucky us.

We joined these throngs of people:

And sat in our stadium with the roof open to that “sky full of stars” and felt the music in the beauty of togetherness:

Felt so grateful that we could be there, gathered once again after that world pandemic. And thought about the splendor of UNITY.

You know those wristbands they give you to wear at concerts? They change colors with the music, everyone together at the same time.

I found myself wondering who came up with that idea: the idea that gets a whole crowd of thousands upon thousands of people to feel part of something so much bigger than themselves.

There’s nothing quite so beautiful as that feeling of unity.

There was one time during the concert where Chris Martin requested everyone put away their phones and just BE together. And you know what? Everyone did! And it was pretty cool I have to say, everyone focused and moving to the music and UNITED.

I hope we can find that kind of unity more in our world!

And speaking of being united, out of all those THOUSANDS of people, we happened to run into Josh, Charity and Ian (my brother and sister and her husband who had come down from Utah for the concert) in the jam-packed parking lot at the end.

How crazy is that?

It was a good night.

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  1. My hubby and boys went to their concert in Dallas a few weeks ago and LOVED it!! SO glad y’all got to go!! I love how you make such incredible e memories with your loved ones

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