Another wonderful blogger (isn’t it kind of funny we are called “bloggers”? …I find that word funny…maybe that’s because I’m way over-tired right now) is doing A Mother’s Book of Secrets book give-away here. This is actually a girl I go way back to junior high days with. We lost touch and have recently found each other again. She has some awesome design stuff over there on her blog. I wish I lived next door to her so she could help me with my sprucing-up projects over here that are killing me since I cannot make a decision to save my soul.

So now you have two ways to win a copy of the book: here and here. (Isn’t Sarah’s blog so great? Did you find the tutorials about how to do bigger pictures on blogs and how to do a cool blog banner on your own blog? And are you as inspired as I am about de-cluttering your house after reading her recent posts? I don’t think that woman ever sleeps. I wish I lived next door to her too).

And just to clarify for those who don’t know, this book is not about Lucy. It is a collection of 40 motherhood “secrets,” twenty from my seasoned mother of nine, and twenty from me in the motherhood “trenches.”

Although the book is not about Lucy specifically, amongst the pictures of Motherhood Moments it does have some of her like this gem:This was how she looked in the car today for like two hours. And sprawled out on the floor of Old Navy too. It was a fun day.

So, go win a book! I think both will announce the winners tomorrow.

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  1. That picture of Lucy is great! I think we all need at least one mid-meltdown picture of our children. It helps us (them and me) keep it real.

  2. Love that you capture the fun and the not so fun moments! And yes…most bloggers (where DID that name come from?) I have "met", I'd love to live near!

  3. That has to be my favorite picture…she has not a care in the world when it comes to expressing the way she feels! Wouldn't it be great to just let loose like that once or twice? She is adorable.

  4. Shawni,
    That is great that you are getting the word out about your book and your project. I LOVE your book and what a great idea the project is. I really like the fun stories in your book and always tell people I know about it. You are amazing.
    Hugs to all,

  5. Hi Shawni…I got online today, and the entries for the drawing had doubled!! You have a loyal following over here…not that I'm surprised!! Your blog is fabulous…and I love your writing style and pics.


  6. I've been stalking your blog for about a year now–I live across the street from Paul and Angela, and Marva sent me here as well.
    I had the exact experience in Sam's last week. Hyrum would not stop screaming, and a couple of snowbirds were hovering over the ready-made pizzas, watching me. The woman shot me a look, and I thought, "Great, here it comes." She said, "Good for you for sticking to your guns." It didn't make Hyrum quiet, but I felt a lot better about being the mean mom.

  7. Love the family motto! Ours hangs on the kids' bathroom wall. I'd like to have it out in a more prominant place, but just don't have the room right now. Not enough walls. There's a picture of it on my most recent post, though, if you'd like to see it-
    Take care!

  8. this is my 2 year-old's favorite photo in the whole book! she flips through the pages on my bed while she waits for me to wake up, then she squeals: dare's ma baby! and then I know it's time to get up!

  9. It's a small world! I've been a reader of Wendy's for a long time, and stumbled into you after receiving your book from a dear friend…

    Thank you to you and your sweet mother for that book–I keep it in my bag at all times so I can soak up some inspiration whenever I can steal a quiet moment! (You know, like the car-wash, swim lessons, etc. 😉 )

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