So, meet the L. family. Another great family I met through this blog. They have FOUR cute boys. The youngest was only a month old, so of course I couldn’t get enough of him.

I couldn’t choose between black & white and color on this one…

…or on this one.

I love this picture. I can just totally relate to that mother’s expression of awe and love for her newborn. Oh how can I not have another one?

My outstanding assistant.

Thanks so much to my high school friends’ parents who let me use their gorgeous homes for two of my shoots. You guys are the best.

L. family…enjoy! It was so great meeting you. These’ll be coming in the mail this week…

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  1. LOVE THEM Shawni!! Next time, I want to hire you to teach me how to take these great photo’s. You are awesome girl. You are you do this with all your kids is beyond me. You are supermom! Thanks a bunch and can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  2. Ok so the first picture of the little boy looks exactly like my neighbor. Weird. And the dad looks so young I thought he was one of the kids at first. Beautiful pictures! Elle is gorgeous!

  3. Random question from an avid reader of your blog and admirer of the way you raise your children:

    Where did you get Claire’s darling “C” necklace?

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