A couple weeks ago Dave and I had the opportunity to go to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit.

I love Van Gogh, so I was so excited…I knew it would be cool.

But I could hardly believe how much I loved being fully immersed in Van Gogh’s world.

Being submerged in those brushstrokes.

Those colors.

That that created them all.

It was incredible.

Not only did I have Van Gogh’s life and heartbreaking challenges running through my heart, which made me think of all those I know who are also struggling, I thought about how Van Gogh could probably never have done what he did any other way.

I mean, the way his mind worked had to contribute to the uniqueness of his paintings, don’t you think?

I love that Dave got almost teary with me, and appreciated it so much right along with me, but in the end, he really did have to sort of drag me out of that place (everyone else had already left to meet up for dinner).

Sometimes the tough things in life can create so much beauty.

But on top of this I thought about the creator of the exhibit. The process it must have taken to figure out how to portray someone’s life works in motion in such a huge scale.

And the music! The creative minds it took to compose and create a mood that made me teary all over again.

Did you know he died at age 37?

He painted over 900 paintings in ten years?

He also wrote over 2,000 letters, 900 have survived.

He painted some of his most famous paintings from his room at a psychiatric hospital that he checked himself into.

Those paintings include “Starry Night.”

It is rumored that he only sold one painting in his lifetime.

Now this painting is worth over $150 million dollars (“Portrait of Dr. Gachet”…doesn’t he look like the nicest, most kind doctor?):

Just makes you think about what people go through.

And it made me appreciate more than ever the power of creation.

There is certainly something holy and soothing about creation.

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