Dave is a hair-changer. He gets sick of the same hairdo all the time and likes to switch it up.

He goes from the classic:(yeah, I’ll be in trouble for posting that one πŸ™‚

To the long locks:
To the middle-ground:
To the shaved head:
Which gradually fades into the “tennis ball” do:
Oh and we can’t leave out the middle-part “wings” he had when we got married:
Right now he’s ready for a change.

And I keep joking with him that he shouldn’t do it.

Of course, I think he’s handsome no matter what, and hey, when you still have that much hair you should switch it up whenever you can.

But we thought it’d be fun to see what others think…to see if they agree with me or him on his next step.

Should he go long?

or shorter:
or super short:

What do you think?

p.s. I think this is a funny post, but hey, gotta mix it up with a little fluff right? You never know, maybe I’ll do a poll on whether I should get bangs next…

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  1. Super post. Stuff like this cracks me up.

    My husband has also run the gamut for hair lengths since we've been married (17 yrs) and he has finally decided on a hair style that looks the best (shaved- number 3 all over). He always prided himself on being able to grow the longer style, but honestly, it didn't really look that good.

    I like the short style the best. It looks the most masculine to me (not sure if that is what he's aiming for, but that is what I like best). The only problem with it is upkeep. It must be shorn every couple of weeks though in order to avoid the tennis ball head. So, maybe you can keep some clippers near by and just give it a quick once-over whenever it starts to look too puffy.

    Good luck!

  2. I'm so glad to see that everyone else so far has said short, but not super short. I was wondering if I would be the only one to say that. It looks like ShOrT is in!

  3. Shorter, but not SUPER short.. Stumbled upon your blog and LOVE IT! After reading older posts I realize that your parents are the authors the Eyres. I remember seeing your family on the Oprah show way back in the 90's and was smitten with the love you all had for each other. Upon seeing that show I fell in love with the name Jonah and tucked that name away for my future child's name. I have a 13 year old son that I proudly named Jonah and when people ask how I decided upon his name I tell them that it was all because of this wonderful family that I had the privilege of seeing on TV and wished to have the same type of openness, and loving relationship with my children as those folks did. What a wonderful family you are blessed to have πŸ™‚ Many blessings to you and yours in 2012!

  4. Denny's says: The middle-part "wings" is a timeless look, the tennis ball style is sexy in an adolescent way, the long-locks make me feel badly about my own receding hairline-final answer: middle ground.

    Does all this make me sound a little gay…Dang he is a good looking man!

  5. I'm with everyone else….shorter, but not super short.

    And I have to add, that Dave has some great hair! Not many guys have nice hair like that!

  6. I like the Short one (not buzzed).

    I don't have a problem with long hair on guys, but he has a very nice bone structure, with is more accentuated with the short hair.

    I only like the buzzed look on guys who are losing their hair. He has great hair!

  7. Lucky him to have SO MUCH HAIR!! I vote for shorter (the pic w the white/blue plaid shirt on). The longer look and the super short look are both a little 'young' looking for him – they work well for the 20's and early 30's (which he probably was in those pics)

    I love your blog and have seen you and your Mom at TOFW – keep it up!

  8. short but not super short! My husband HATES going to get his hair cut. Good thing we go to BYU where he has to get it cut every once in a while.

    Now you should tell us what style you like best and what style Dave likes!

  9. I like the "shorter" do…not super short though….unfortunately with the short hairstyle he'll have to get it cut more often…hopefully he doesn't mind πŸ™‚

  10. Ha! That man on the end in the fourth picture down might not forgive you either πŸ™‚ But he loved the walk down memory lane.

    Newel's growing his hair long right now too β€” like when they were kids at Camelot. Are we mid-life crisis-ing?

  11. I vote "shorter" like it is in the picture with the blue plaid shirt and green blurry background. Sounds like I'm not the only one who thinks this! Then save the shaved head for summer when it's super hot out.

  12. I am with the majority: Medium short! That is what I like best on my husband as well. And those pics of the kids this young are soooo cute! I love the look on baby Claires face smiling at her daddy!

  13. I think I am the only one who thinks super short is the winner! My husband and son both sport the super short buzz, and they are both the most handsome men I know!

  14. Looks too shaggy with the longer… The best pic of him is the one with the "short" with the green in the background – he looks great with that cut and style- sharp & handsome. Good luck!

  15. He's lucky to have such a nice head of hair, so he can pull off lots of different looks. I personally think he would look best with it a little shorter on the sides/back and a little longer on top – kind of like Bradley Cooper. Whatever Dave decides to do, make sure you post pictures!

  16. Long! Let him get it into a pony tail… too many men cut their hair like they're in the military. I wish more men had the moxy to break from the crowd and do something different with their hair. Your husband has great hair, let it grow!

  17. I love the fact that so many people have commented on this…awesome! I wish I had hair as great as his or yours Shawni…love yours too. Whatever makes you both happy!! πŸ™‚

  18. "Classic" or "Middle Ground" there is no question. Lots of men his age wish that they had that decision to make πŸ™‚ So I say, run your fingers through it until you can't!

  19. "Classic" or "Middle Ground" there is no question. Lots of men his age wish that they had that decision to make πŸ™‚ So I say, run your fingers through it until you can't!

  20. haha…this post kills me. My husband & son have similar hair & now I am starting to think they should switch it up a bit more. I like short or super short the best. I think the longer hair looks like an {I'm using this word loosely!} older guy trying to look like he's in HS. eek. Sorry was that rude? I think he looks better short or even super short.

  21. I am a hairstylist so this post isn't silly to me in the slightest:)

    HE IS SO HANDSOME WITH SHORT HAIR! But not buzzed short. The picture right above the last few buzz cuts, when he's in the short-sleeve button up. That's my favorite hair on him.

  22. I love a poll!!
    I have to say that I love the short cut too. Definitely the cut that suits him best…… I hope this vote allows Dave to get that change he is looking for πŸ™‚

  23. This is so funny about all the comments!

    What does Dave want?

    Ps I don't really have a strong opinion either way.
    Just wanted to keep the comments coming!

  24. this is absolutely hysterical. all these comments! i remember all my friends in elementary school swooning over the wings in dave's hair. love you sister. blog about sf already!!!!!

  25. this is hilarious! my vote is long!! not so long that it starts to flip out at the ends, but middlish-long. it all boils down to bragging rights, and how many 40 (isn't that how old he is?) year olds can successfully pull off long hair? Yup, I vote long!

  26. think he looks great in all of the pics but i like the look of "shorter" where he has a plaid shirt. maybe I am just a middle-of-the-road…..kind of girl.
    love your blog!!

  27. For sure the shorter but not buzzed. You husband has similar characteriscts of James Denton (aka Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives.) He has a manly ruggid look anyhow so the short classic clean cut hair along with the ruggid facial characteristics does any man good. I also think have him grow it out for summer. Then by summer it is a new change and a summer surf look.

    Happy Hair!

  28. Ha! I love that you've done this πŸ™‚ I've got to go with most other people and say short (but not super short) although I don't mind the super short either. I'm not a fan of long hair at all.

  29. I'm pretty much dying laughing right now that we all feel so compelled to share our opinions about your husband's hair of all things.

    We're silent stalkers……..right up until you ask us our opinion on something. Too funny.

    But they are all dead on. Short, not buzzed is definitely the way to go.

    Poor Dave. He'll never dare shave or grow it out ever again:)

  30. How does Dave feel about having so many pictures of himself in one post? That's more than an entire year probably. He's a good sport. I think he looks best in the middle-ground and shorter looks. I am the same way, changing it up all the time, but I'm a girl. I've actually kept the same hair style for a year and the one before that for a year, which is AMAZING!!

  31. I agree with Maria’s post above! (I think I am the only guy commenting on this post. Can’t help it. My other half is a Men’s Stylist/Biz Owner.) The official word from the stylist world is that long hair on men is coming back in…and if you have the Sampson-Zesty head of hair your David is fortunate to have…Grow it Long!

  32. Shawni I am cracking up at how many comments you have. Dave is going to LOVE you for this one. (My vote is super short-he looks really young and athletic (a good marathon cut?) like that.

  33. Where I live there are more distinct seasons, so I would vote for longer in the winter and shorter in the spring/summer. It looks great either way. You are too cute to post this "fluff" as you call it.

  34. I am obviously late to the "poll" and I know it's closed by now, but I'm laughing with surprise reading all the votes for shorter! What???! I think the longish hair is awesome! Not forever, but why not for a few months? I think we're all VERY conservative in our culture… if you know what I mean. :0 My husband would never grow a goatee, let along let his hair grow longer. But that is some great hair; go for it!

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