Love these girls! These were the only four over on Saturday, but there are at least ten other darling girls Elle’s age that all live within a few streets of our house. Yep, she’s a lucky gal.

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  1. Shawni, I have seen your comments on Julie’s Blog, she is one of my dearest friends.
    I have to confess, my daughter and I read almost all of your blog. It was so nice to share a personal interest (blogging) I have with her, it was nice to show her your blog site. We were laughing through tears when the hamster died. I had similar hamster incident.
    Thank you for such a great blog site to peek in on.
    You should make your blog into a book, if you go to: they do that sort of thing, makes blogs into books. Your pictures are beautiful, your so talented. What a beautiful family you have.
    Thanks for sharing- Melissa
    Enjoyed it!

  2. Well miss Shawni, I sure hope you remember me from long, long ago way back on good old Augusta Way. It’s Teddy Jane, and I don’t think I’ve seen you for probably 15 years or so. Man that is hard to believe. I saw your name on charity’s blog and WOW! You are the most beautiful woman I think I’ve ever seen and your family is absolutely gorgeous. What a pleasure it’s been looking through your pictures and words of wisdom. I would love to keep in touch with you throughout the years. Believe it or not, I am married! Scotty and I have been married for almost a year and a half. He is the most wonderful man in the world. We are so happy. I’m going to give you our blog address so we can keep in touch. I wish you the best and Happy New Year!

  3. You are so lucky to have a neighborhood full of great kids. Even in Gilbert sometimes that is not the case. We almost moved over there for that reason. What a darling groups of girls!

  4. I second Wendi’s comment. The first thing I thought when I saw the photo was that they liked like a walking ad for American girl dolls, or something. SO pretty!

    I wish with all my heart we lived in a neighborhood full of good families full of children. I hope, someday!

  5. They are the cutest girls ever I love them all! I keep telling Blake he is one lucky guy to live by so many cute girls and great boys. I think he knows because he loves to play little games with them. We do live in such an incredible area. We are very lucky!

  6. Hi Shawni! I miss those cute girls too. That’s one of my favorite Arizona memories for Caitlin. All those little girls riding their bikes and doing fun playdates. I’m so glad we got to enjoy it for a year. Miss you guys! Darcy

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