After the Turkey Trot we came to finish setting up everything at home for Thanksgiving dinner.

We had 34 for dinner this year as opposed to the 55 we had last year which made it seem so simple in some ways but maybe more complicated in others (for some reason where to seat everyone had me crazy this time!)

But it all came together with so many helpers. Love that Bob was here early on the potato duty:

My parents came in half way through the turkey trot because it was so last minute that they were joining us (they came since my niece was going to go through the temple for the first time).

LOVE seeing these cute duos together!

Loved my table-setting helpers:

My friend gave me this little idea to use these magnolia leaves with fall flowers and I thought they turned out so beautiful.

The tables all filled up…we put most everyone outside this year. Here are the adults:

Kids…not so many this year!! And Poem was a good sport to be the lone girl with all the boys.

Teenage/college girls:

Time slowed down and everyone gathered to play cornhole and wiffle ball in the back yard…

…and then all the other families who had dinner at in-laws came over and we had a huge crowd for dessert and our house filled up to the brim.

And more back yard stuff as the sun sunk low…

And then games.

I guess now it’s a tradition to set up a HUGE table and play “one and done” with all the cousins/friends after dessert.

The loser to jump in the pool on one round, then to sing loud on the counter the second round. I love that “master of ceremonies” there on the left below:

This is all I got of the pool jump:

Everyone gathered and talked until late into the night, and then, after everyone but one cousin left, we all sat in the hot tub, exhausted but so filled with gratitude.

I cannot believe that last year we were gearing up for a temple sealing and huge 80’s party after all that hoopla.


It was a good, good day.

And with that, Thanksgiving all wrapped up. The rest of the gathering hoopla for this year is over HERE.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Your family always looks like they have so much fun at any kind of get together!! How special that you can always count on all of that happiness and positivity when you are together. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of your mom and dad where they aren’t smiling! Same goes for your kids. I feel like that says a lot about how they were raised and the people who raised them! What a super great family!!

  2. What wonderful family gatherings and memories you are creating together! Enjoy reading your Blog! How did you create the wonderful wall in your game or family room with all of the family history events? I love it!

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