I am so nostalgic.

I thought we would be in our new house by this time last year, and here we are with a new set of holidays stretched out before us still in this house.
And although I want to be done with the building process, and was grumpy at first to pull out the holiday decorations one more year here at this house, it makes me love this house more than ever.  SO many memories wrapped up here.  And so many of them are tied up in holidays we have spent here laughing and crying and loving and living together.
So I figured I better catch some pictures of how we decorate because next year, if we are still here it will mean we are still building, which may be trouble on my mental psyche.
Here’s our Halloween stuff the kids and I pulled out at the end of September:
We pull out our metal jack-o-lanterns for the front porch:

…and put up the “Boo” sign after we get “boo”ed.

Our pot rack turns into a giant spiderweb.

We change our blue West Elm curtains to these orange ones I pulled out my sewing machine and whipped up years ago.

 …kind of proud of those things except that I never got around to raising the curtain rod so they wouldn’t drag…

Our family motto gets a little Fall flair on the mantle to keep it company.

 (I got those leaves at a Pottery Barn after-Thanksgiving sale years ago…)

 Our entry way looks like this from the front door:

Here are closer-up shots: 

I picked up those “guys” at Marshalls years ago, and to my kids it just wouldn’t be Halloween without them.

I climb high balancing on a ladder to switch out our green leaves to this Fall dealio:

Here’s how the entryway looks with “Mr. Bones” keeping watch from the front door:

 Mr. Bones was picked up at Walgreens years ago and to this date remains the very favorite Halloween item we have bar none….this it what we get when kids come over:

Our witch bought at some random grocery store in a moment of weakness with some toddler of mine is a close second:

She turns from that lady up there to this while she’s “talking”:

…which makes her a hit.

(I wrote a bunch more about Mr. Bones and our witch back here and here.)

Our dining room table gets a little flair too:

I love this dough bowl I picked up at an antique market in the city…perfect for fillign with all kinds of holiday stuff.

Each year I try to get festive with candy corn (because I love candy corn).
…but a few hours later I realize once again we aren’t the type of family that can have candy sitting out because it’s long-gone.

I think that’s a hefty dose of festive decor but I still have to wipe up the puddles of drool my kids trail behind when they see all the humongous spiders, spooky witches, cobwebs and fake graveyards some coveted houses around here are sporting this time of year.

But I think they’ll somehow survive.

How is it already Halloween week?

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  1. Cute cute. We live in FL and w/o seasonal changes outside, we try to make it extra festive inside as well. We have a skeleton on our door called Mr. Bones too, though he's made of paper. 🙂
    Next year when you are in your new home at Halloween, you'll be glad you took these pictures.

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