David, of course, is Dave, and in honor of his birthday today I’m gonna try to call him what he prefers…”David” (seriously, I am such a nice wife…)

Ten of the very top things I adore about him (I think birthdays override my pledge he made me make to not write all mushy about him here):

1) He is fiercely protective of our kids. He gets that look in his eye when he worries about them that spills out how much he loves them.

2) He is the best giver. From gifts to advice to service to true love, he has no problem giving from his whole heart.

3) Humility. He is quick to apologize when he’s in the wrong. And he knew right from the start, (what most husbands have to learn through trial and error), that it’s always the husband who’s in the wrong, right?

4) He takes care of me. For example, a couple weeks ago he made me a deal out of the blue because he knew I needed to get more sleep, and he knew I’m a sucker for a back rub. So, the deal was that I got ten minutes back rub for each night I was in bed by ten o’clock. Yes, TEN O’CLOCK. That’s so early I could hardly stand it, but with a back rub on the line of course I followed through. And man oh man was it ever worth it.

5) He calls me to tell me to go look at the sunset when it’s extra beautiful.

6) He has become a “traveling expert” from all his travels. He knows how to slip through security lines and get good seats on the airplane, and either he loves to travel almost as much as I do or he sure puts on a good show.

7) He knows how to set goals and once he does, watch out, because he is one of the most determined people I know.

8) He knows what’s most important in life, and he prioritizes the important stuff. He sees the big picture crystal clear.

9) He’s the best parenting partner I could ever ask for. He sees things I miss and instinctively knows how to “fix” them.

10) Still, after almost fifteen years of being married to him, my heart skips a beat when I see him across a room or across the table. I am one lucky girl.

Love you forever, babe.

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  1. #3 (I think it was) reminds me of a line our high councilman used in his last talk: "When we got married, I knew that she was Ms. Right. I just didn't know her first name was Always."

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