My bags are packed and I’m ready to go.

The house is clean, loads and loads and loads of laundry are washed, folded, put away. Meals are sort of planned out. All the places the kids need to get to and from while I’m gone are listed out for Dave. Love notes sit waiting for my kids and husband to find them when they’re ready for bed tonight (you’d think I was leaving for a year rather than for one single day). I have an outfit packed that will most probably hide my splotchy nervous neck when I get up to talk in front of 1,700 people in the morning with my Mom.

I’d be fine, sitting here sipping on some lemonade (my Mom is an excellent public speaker and she can nudge me if I get shell-shocked or revive me on the stage if I faint) except for one problem:

My Mother is missing.

I’m sure she’ll turn up, but it’s making me a little nervous that I haven’t heard from her yet.

You see, she and my Dad have been gone for a month on a speaking tour all over places like Kuwait, Beirut and Saudi Arabia, and she’s supposed to be arriving in Utah within minutes after my flight lands there tonight.

I was all hunky dory with that until Dave had the audacity to ask me on our date the other night what I would do if she didn’t make it back in time. He reminded me she’s coming in directly from India. Then he kindly reassured me that I’d do just fine without her.

But a sick feeling started building up in my stomach. Although India is among my top two places I’d love to travel, from what I gather the flights may not be exactly running like clockwork.

So let’s all cross our fingers and say a little prayer that she’ll arrive safe and sound tonight so that I won’t be standing there like a deer in the headlights in the morning!

I really am excited.

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  1. So sad my mom and I will be missing you guys speak. Apparently this thing sold out really quickly this year. I'm glad someone else out there gets blotchy neck! Good luck!

  2. I'm hoping at least some of this was tongue-in-cheek…in the meantime, I'll be saying some prayers for her safe arrival — and I know good and well that your speaking engagement will be a blessing to all!


  3. i hope it went well & i wish i could hear you speak…come to LA 🙂

    i'm new to your blog too & am LOVING it! you are wonderful & inspiring.

    love, courtney

  4. I was lucky enough to hear Shawni and her mom speak today. It was an inspiring presentation. Shawni, you did a wonderful job speaking. I was thrilled to meet you (my friends can attest to that). You were so personable. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

    Jan (Grandmother of another Elle)

  5. Thank you for your message at Time Out this year! I was quite close to the front and didn't see any red blotchy marks…and even though I don't know you personally, what I saw on that stage was a strong, faithful women who blessed my life with the message she had the courage to share.

  6. You did a beautiful job! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to touch ours. And for letting us meet you (I was in the hat – with all the girls from the same ward). You and Linda were two of my favorites that weekend, very encouraging, inspiring and refreshing. Fabulous!

  7. Your presentation was fabulous! One of my favorites of the whole conference! Thank you sharing your message with us….AND it was so fun to get to meet you! You make me excited about being a mom.

  8. Shawni- I could have listened to you and your mom the whole day!! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mother! You did a great job up there! Thank you for coming and sharing your experiences with us!! I hope that I can come again when you are in Phx with my family!! Thank you Again!!

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