Oh my word.

This was quite a wedding.
My brother found himself a perfect match.
They think big.
I loved her hair. I wish I would have done something cool like that for my wedding. I just put my hair back in my same everyday do and plopped a little veil on top. Man, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. And then there were the funny dresses I made my bridesmaids wear…oh, and the fake ivy wreaths I had them adorn their heads with (I was so excited about those little numbers!).

But I digress. Back to New York…
I loved being in the NYC temple. It was so weird to step out of the hustle-bustle on the street and into such a beautiful, peaceful place.

It was just my family there, but I guess we still sure make a crowd.

It was a little interesting to try to find places to take pictures without cars whizzing by, but I actually liked embracing that aspect of it.

I tried this vintage wash on this one…something a little different…

There were five of us snapping away all afternoon. We couldn’t get enough of the perfect light and cool New York backdrops.

We walked to Central Park to meet Anita’s dear family. Kinda fun to watch this glowing newly-married couple walking along and to see all the double-takes they got.

Gotta love the random backpack guy in the background, but I love their expressions in this one. Tal is just so doting on his girl.

Meeting up with Anita’s family. (We fell in love with this great family from Switzerland.)

Eva, in the purple above, is a photographer extraordinaire. It was so fun to see her in action.

It was kinda hot…

Both families.
Brothers.Sisters.Cute couples.
These last three photos are from Eva:

(Thanks, Eva!)

That evening there was a beautiful ring ceremony and dinner.

Next week they take off on their grand adventure. They quit their jobs and will be doing six months to a year of humanitarian service in India and Africa…something Tal’s always wanted to do. And unbeknownst to him all these years, Anita was hoping for the same thing.

Did I mention they are a perfect match?

Love you guys with all my heart.

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  1. Some of the Central Park pics look like they could have been the couple in Enchanted. I know you were stoked to have such a great place to take pics – the staircases, the doorways, the arches! I also like the one with them crossing the street together. So New York. I just got my first DSLR… am taking the Two Peas "12 weeks to better photos" course and crossing my fingers. You're an inspiration!

  2. Aww! What a gorgeous place to be married! So awesome. These pictures are amazing Shawni! I was cracking up at the dancing video post of Elle! So fun! Love all the dancing by the mom! I am usually dancing with Brenna and her friends too, but if the camera is on I shut down. HAHA!

  3. I had this awesome idea! You can come to NYC with me in Oct. and follow my family around taking amazing pictures!! (with an actual camera my dad just refuses to buy me!)

  4. Just looking at them you can tell they're a match! I am so happy for Tal! AND forgot how stinkin' tall that guy is!!

    Gorgeous pictures, as always Shawni! You really capture true expressions…

  5. My brother is 6'9". Yep. Tall. Not as tall as Stoudemire, but very tall. And Caiti, you mean that black totally wrinkled dress I was wearing? I obviously don't believe in irons. It's delux from Costco.

  6. Those pictures just kept getting better and better! I just LOVE the park ones. It's so fun looking at wedding pictures.
    That's so funny about your hair because I was exactly the same. I was clueless. Luckily I had the veil to hide the mess I had going on in the back.

  7. I'm not predudice and these are fablousw! Love Dad

    And I am prejudice and I can't tell you how excited I am about thses pictures. Everybody has saw something a little different and has a little different angle. LOVE IT!

    I'm going to lift some of these for the Open House. Hope you don't mind!
    Love, Mom

  8. beautiful beautiful photos! how amazing ny must be! if your brother is that tall his wife must be pretty tall as well!

    how amazing that they are doing the service they are.


  9. Love the pictures!! And, being that New York City is literally my favorite place in all the world (although I haven't been to too many places) I enjoyed seeing every picture. You are talented, too!!

    p.s. – do you by any chance know where your sister (I think youngest) got her navy dress? It is so cute!

  10. All I can think about is how LUCKY these two are to have amazing photographers in the family!!! Great shots- I'm so jealous! If you guys are interested in adopting a 26 year old (I come as a package deal with a husband, 2 year old, and 3 week old baby) I'm game! 😉

  11. What a small world! I've actually met your sis in law through some friends at Yale while visiting NYC for a YSA dance. How fun! She is wonderful!

  12. Your pictures are so incredible. What gorgeous couple. (And about the hair…everytime I look at my wedding pics, I think…if only I could chop off those puffy sleeves. What was I thinking? I think we'd all change one or two things!)

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