As promised I’m here to share the recipe for how to make super easy Asian lettuce wraps for a crowd. We made these when we were in charge of dinner at our family reunion this summer. It’s always hard to figure out how to feed so many people, but I love the challenge. This recipe was recommended by my awesome cousin Heather, and they were pretty tasty I have to say!

Asian chicken lettuce wraps

How to make Asian Chicken lettuce Wraps

It’s a pretty simple way to put on a meal, whether for a large crowd or a small family.

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while is well aware that one of my favorite things to do is cook with my family. So it was so fun to have my big kids all together to whip this up.

We used my friend Melissa’s delectable chicken marinade recipe for the chicken:

Carson and Max did the grilling:

Carson grilling the chicken for our Asian lettuce wraps

They also did the chicken-slicing:

Max and Carson cutting up the chicken for our Asian wraps

Meanwhile the rest of us (with a bunch of helpers), were chopping and dicing in the kitchen…it looks empty in this picture but most of the prep time was swarmed with great helpers, including the sweetie-pie cousins:

Grace prepping the lettuce for lettuce wraps

The “secret” for this recipe is the sauce.

Although I’m determined to figure out how to make these two sauces, because they are very delicious, the even bigger “secret” is that you can buy them.

Yep, just head over to Cheesecake Factory and buy yourself a pint.

The ones we used were the Sweet Chili Sauce and the Tamarind Cashew.

They were SO GOOD!

Makes my mouth water to even think about.

Anyway, here we go with the recipe all written up:

asian lettuce wraps

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Whip these delicious lettuce wraps up for a small family or a huge crowd. They are sure to be a hit.
Prep Time 1 hour
Course Main Course
Servings 8


  • 2 pounds marinated and grilled chicken breasts We used this my friend's marinate recipe that was SO good.
  • 1-2 heads butter lettuce
  • 1 bag shredded carrots
  • 1 cucumber sliced long like french fries
  • 1 c. toasted almonds or chopped peanuts
  • 1/2 c. chopped cilantro (optional but highly recommended!)
  • 1/4 c. chopped mint leaves (optional but highly recommended!)
  • 1 jar tamaron cashew sauce buy this from Cheesecake Factory
  • 1 jar sweet red chili sauce buy this from Cheesecake Factory


  • Marinate chicken in the best marinade from Modern Honey (linked below)
  • Grill the chicken for 4-5 minutes on each side (depending on the size of the breast).
  • Cut up the chicken in bite-size pieces
  • Prepare and wash the butter lettuce for wrapping, and chop up all vegetables
  • Have everyone make their own wrap, including chicken, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, mint and special sauce
  • Enjoy!


The marinade recipe we used is from Modern Honey.
You can buy carrots pre-shredded in bags which makes it super easy.
Don’t skip on the nuts, they are so good!
Let me know if anyone comes up with the perfect copycat recipe for those sauces!

Other easy recipes if you need to whip up something quick:

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    1. Yes I was so worried about not having enough so we cooked up some rice to fill more hungry bellies. It was good but not really part of the original “recipe.”

  1. Oh this looks phenomenal! Thank you for sharing!
    We are just wrapping up a big family reunion of our own, and cook similarly… but have probably half of the people. As I looked through the photos you posted I’m curious how and where you keep ALL the food!! We eat similarly (clean, lots of veggies, fruit, etc) and fridge space is packed (we have two fridges). We also get together about 30 min to an hour from any decent grocery stores, so we bulk buy about once a week. I’m totally baffled at doubling that capacity. How do you do it? 🤣

    1. It is tricky business as it sounds like you know! We have a deep freezer and two three fridges between the different places where people stay, but it’s still pretty packed! And one of the fridges tends to freeze a lot of stuff accidentally. Everyone brings all their supplies and stashes them in different places and we make the fridges work somehow! If you come up with any grand plans for this with your crew, come back and share!

      1. Lol. I’m not sure anything COULD change.. it sounds like we do the same. Everyone kind of finding space where they can for what they need. Ha!
        I’m curious if other readers have insights!

    1. Yes they are ok but so sad how much devastation is going on over there! My mom wrote a little update from my sister-in-law in the comment section in the last post (about MFME).

  2. It looks nice but I wouldn’t like it, as I hate anything spicy.

    Just curious, what do you do if someone is a fussy eater or doesn’t like what someone has cooked. Are they allowed to have some something else like fish fingers?

    I love how you have so many helpers.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to make them for our next hosting night. This was one of the things I requested — recipes to feed a crowd 🙂

  4. Do your parents still rent out their Bear Lake home? If so, can you please share the rental info? Looks like the perfect family reunion spot!

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