I meant to get over here all day yesterday to add this new favorite love quote for Valentine’s Day:

“We live in a world that is held together by love–organized by love, maintained by love, and nurtured by love. Ultimately it will be redeemed by love and even now it is in the process of being redeemed by the love and kindness that we offer each other.”

–Cheiko Okazaki (one of my all-time favorites)

Isn’t that just so beautiful?

Sometimes we forget, as Gregory Boyle says, that we belong to each other.

And oh how I love Valentine’s Day to remind us of that!

It takes all our “parts” to make it work. I’m so grateful for those who have my back even when I sometimes don’t deserve it. There isn’t enough words for the ones who stick up for and nurture my kids. I’m grateful for my kids who sometimes stick up for me too:) And of course, my number one valentine.

A couple posts about love and connection in the human race:

The evolution of Valentine’s Day

It’s strange how the evolution of Valentine’s Day goes.

One minute you have all your kids clamoring to your legs and you are jumping from one school class to the next for Valentine’s parties, staying up late helping your kids make sure they include everyone for class valentines, whipping up creative valentines boxes, and kids spilling over the counter for FHE doing your traditional family valentine “heart attack.”

And then suddenly you’re there with just your “Three Musketeers” and the house is quiet, and your kids are stretched out all over the place creating their own new Valentine’s traditions.

(Excuse the not so fabulous photo quality there, but heart-melting that they have their own little heart-attack up…and of course, that baby….I MISS HER!)

Valentine’s Day 2024

Although I’ll always miss those good old days, this is GOOD stuff right here, right now I tell you.

I mean, Lucy is a pretty fun gal to have around for holidays. She’s so happy with every single thing we do. And her mood is quite incredible:

She is so delighted with the littlest things we do:

I just love her so very much.

And of course, this guy is pretty fun to have around too:

I’m so grateful I saved some of the hearts from our valentines “heart attacks” over the years so that we can still have the big kids’ love represented in the kitchen:

We had the normal stuff going on yesterday…lots of homework, lots of work. Lots of trying to figure out life. Ha!

But we did, of course, make our traditional heart-shaped pizzas (Lucy won’t ever let that one go by the wayside I don’t think!)

(yes I’m nursing a good cold sore…gotta love that!)

She finally whipped up the scotcharoos she’s been wanting to make forever and a day:

Dave and Lu had church youth activities, I cleaned out some drawers (gift to Dave who loves order), and Lu did lots of homework.

But it was a good, good day.

Ended by this new book I am loving:

The Law of Love.

I’ve been wanting to read it for forever and it’s seriously SO GOOD so far.

Ok, HAPPY (late) VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone. Sending out all my love!

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