I am hard at work on a “Summer Time” post (hopefully coming tomorrow), but for now, let’s go back to ancient history and talk about LAST AUGUST.

Yes, it’s been almost a year, (SOME day I’ll catch up!) but I took the trouble to put these pictures in a post ages ago and realized I never posted. So here’s August in pictures (and a few words).

I can tell already this is going to make me miss Relief Society. Here’s our retreat in the mountains:

Claire started the volleyball season at UVU and played with all her might in the first scrimmage game:

My niece went through the temple:

We had a Relief Society breakfast for summer birthdays:

Grace had fun with friends and also moved in with Max and Abby for a little while waiting for her apartment:

Jonah and Aja were just beginning their stint of living here at our house. Not sure why these neighbors and friends were here too, but Love that they were!

Jo made us volumes of he and Josh’s signature granola (still does):

Also, Japanese Curry:

Mission comings and goings with the Pothiers:

More UVU volleyball at a tournament at the U:

College girls moving around!

White Coat ceremony for Carson:

The Grand Announcement of Miss Peanut!

(Who is now better-known as Miss Murphy Jane.)

Announcing to Elle and Carson too:

Temple baptisms with Jo and fam:

Lots of FHE all together with Jo and his fam:

Back in August we were in a painful cycle of trying to figure out how to help Lucy at school with dwindling eyesight. IT WAS SO HARD, and sad, and worrisome.

But I love looking back because we’re so lucky to have her handy-dandy magnifier now that helps SO MUCH!

We took the big kids to…

Machu Picchu!

Meanwhile Claire was starting the volleyball season back at home:

Reunited with her summer internship hosts back in Provo, love them so much!

My sisters and I worked our tails off on launching our new podcast.

Here’s a trial logo:

Love working with Lucy on all kinds of things, and her notes are just fabulous:)

Plugging away at the cello:

A dinner with Relief Society Presidency and our husbands (put together by one of my counselors):

Lots of bread deliveries (I tried to do this a couple times a month), and our first ever RS board meeting:

Swimming with Jo and Fam, house projects, also swimming for friend’s birthdays:

Friends in town for dinner:

Grace and Claire with awesome people:

Me with some awesome people too.

And Lu, with the awesomest person…a person who is leaving us soon. Boo!

And there you have it: a wrap-up of the long-gone days of August.

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