My brother and his wife Aja, the ones who have been living by us in the desert (and then moved away:(, put on a wedding last week.

Yep, their daughter got married, and it was such a beautiful day!

Love this new couple.

Loved seeing these two cousins who have grown up together as bride and bridesmaid:

And LOVE that I got to be with all these people I love:

Eight of the nine Eyre kids were there to celebrate (we sure missed Tal who was in Switzerland).

I also got to be with these people too!

Claire babysat Murphy while the rest of us were in the temple for the ceremony, then those two cute parents RAN home to grab that baby they love so much and brought her back over.

(Claire thought she had died and gone to Heaven that she got to babysit.:)

So fun to be with family.

And to share that baby of ours at the temple in that slanted morning slanting sun while the bride and groom took pictures and Grace was doing her bridesmaid’s duties.

Loved being with my fellow podcasters there too:

(Shout out to “In the Arena with the Eyre sisters“:)

A little break at Max & Abby’s house:

On to the brunch.

Remember it was this guy on the right’s birthday that same day, and oh boy, we loved being with him!

Loved getting to know more about Ana’s new husband and his awesome family.

Baked a special “birthday cake” (our favorite cookies) for the birthday boy in between the brunch and the reception.

Jonah and Aja AND Ana did such an incredible job putting on the party.

I wish I could have even the amount of organization they have in their pinky fingers.

Remember Ana is the one who put together the whole documentary of their family a few years ago. It’s called Wagon and it’s for sure worth a watch.

So grateful I got to be part of the whole celebration.

The crowds of helpers.

The family filled with love for this new-couple-beginning.

Grace’s glow and desire to help as a bridesmaid.

The pictures Grace showed me of the ring ceremony, such incredible lighting, such a happy couple.

(The ring ceremony was just for immediate family and the bridal party.)

The beauty!

The food!! I wish I had a picture…Jo and Aja and friends did it ALL themselves. Incredible.

The dancing.

My college girls:

The family-togetherness. How grateful I am for these two in the middle, and for the FAMILY they have created that just keeps rippling out.

The beginning of a new family entity for my niece and her new husband.

The pink sunsetty sky.

It was a good day.

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  1. If the wedding was June 10, I was there the same day (just a little later in the day) for my son. Beautiful!

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